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Digital Veterinary X-Rays in Cape Canaveral, FL

Are you on the search for better and safe radiography for your pets, the traditional film radiography just isn't working for you? Well, stop searching because you are in the right place. Here at Ocean Animal Hospital, we are offering the best and up to date digital radiography in Cape Canaveral.

What Is a Digital X-Ray?

Digital Veterinarian Radiology/Radiography, also known as a digital X-ray, is an advanced diagnostic tool that is mainly used to virtually see your pet’s organs. This includes the reproductive, cardiopulmonary, gastrointestinal, and also urinary systems.

This is a non-invasive process that will allow us to have a better look at your pet's condition. So with this process, we will visually see what are the main problems with your dog and we will do our best to fix them. If you're interested in this service you can just call us at (321) 406-1618 to schedule an appointment today.

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The Benefits to Digital Vet X-Rays:

  • Digital X-Rays Has a Pretty High Image Quality Compared to the Regular Film X-Ray
  • It Gives You Instant Access to the Pet's Results So That the Veterinary Specialist Can Diagnose It Faster
  • The Radiation Exposure Is Pretty Minimized When Using the Digital Radiology
  • Digital Radiography Is Friendly to the Environment
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Are X-Rays Painful or Harmful for My Pet?

X-rays are a completely painless procedure. If your pet is calm and cooperative, we will not even need to sedate them. If your dog or cat has anxiety issues, a sedative or general anesthesia may be administered to allow them to relax.

Due to the recent developments in modern technology, x-rays are safer than ever for pets and humans alike. Digital x-rays only expose your dog or cat to a small dose of radiation, which is completely harmless.

Ocean Animal Hospital is aware that when your pet needs a digital x-ray, it can be a scary process for you. While you may be worried for your dog or cat, rest assured that they are in good hands. Because of the incredible advancements of recent technology, you don’t have to wonder whether or not you are doing what is best for your pet when you bring them into our animal hospital in Cape Canaveral for a digital x-ray. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your pet at our vet clinic!

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