Stop Dog Urine from Destroying Your Lawn

Many believe that it’s the “acid” in dog’s urine that destroys the grass, but that’s a common misconception. In reality, it’s the high nitrogen content in their urine that slowly turns your once beautiful green lawn into a patchy, dry mess.

Nitrogen? In My Dog?!

Try not to freak out, nitrogen in dog urine is very normal. Because canines have a diet high in protein, this results in high levels of nitrogen in your dog’s waste after the digestive process is over. But all is not lost for your lawn, there are ways to lessen the damage.

Bring Out the Hose

A common tactic to lessen the negative affects of nitrogen is the “dilution of the pollution” if you will. When it’s time for your dog to go, give the affected area a quick dousing with the hose right after.

Change the Type of Grass

Pretty extreme but worth it, there are just some types of grass that tolerate nitrogen better than others. Perennial ryegrass and fescue are common types of grass that are most resistant to dog urine damage. Interestingly enough, dog urine diluted with water can actually act as a fertilizer for these types of grass.

Have Your Dog Drink More Water

Water is key here if you didn’t notice. Instead of (or in addition to) diluting the nitrogen after your dog urinates, why don’t you encourage him to drink plenty of water so that the nitrogen is diluted before your dog even urinates! Water will keep both your lawn and dog healthy and in great shape.

Designate a Bathroom Area

Instead of random dry patches all over your law, create a special area for your dog to get all his business done in. You can use small gravel, mulch, or artificial turf to create a designated spot (probably toward the back or side of your lawn) just for your pup.

Use common positive reinforcement practices, such as praise or treats, to train your dog to use this area. Feel free to add potted ferns and other greenery to his bathroom area to make the place more visually appealing and private.

Follow these tips to save your lawn before it’s too late!