It’s THAT Time of Year Again

Pet Overheating is a Serious Matter

It’s time to talk about your pets and making sure to never leave a pet in a hot vehicle.  While the goal should be to not leave your furry loved ones unattended in a vehicle no matter what time of year it is, summer temperatures can escalate things quickly.

Sadly, hundreds of pets die from heat exhaustion every year due to being left in a parked vehicle.  Just being gone for a few minutes can throw the situation out of control quickly and put your pet at risk for critical injury or even death.

In 10 minutes, your vehicle temperature can shoot up 20 degrees!  If it’s already 80 or 90 degrees out, then the temperature inside your car can be over 100 degrees in no time!  Thinking about cracking the windows?  Studies show that it will not make a difference.

What are the alternatives to leaving your pet alone in a vehicle?

The first choice should always to leave your pet at home if you intend to have to make a stop that will leave them alone in a vehicle.

If you must make a stop, can you find a family member or friend to come along for the ride so they can stay in the car with your pet(s) and leave the car running with the air conditioning on?

If you are fortunate enough to have a modern vehicle with keyless entry, you have the option to leave your car running and still lock your vehicle.  This is a good alternative if you simply must make a quick stop with a pet in your vehicle.

There are always things that may feel urgent enough to warrant a stop, but for your pet’s safety, it can wait.