General Cat Care in Cape Canaveral

Having a cat can be so rewarding but also a big responsibility. All cats are not the same, and how each individual cat interacts with you will depend on its innate personality and early experiences or lack of experience, which can make it nervous or confident with people and life in general, and, like any pet, need care, and some cats need more care than others. There are some things that a cat owner should know when it comes to the care of your cat, here are some:


Vaccinations are a central component of preventive medicine in cats, as well as in dogs and humans. Vaccinations are given to activate the immune system against infection prior to disease exposure. Several vaccines are routinely provided to cats as the main protection against severe infectious diseases, and others are important in some regions and circumstances (for example, feline leukemia virus).

Also seeing a vet for all vaccinations, treatments, and neutering will reduce the risk of any sickness in the future. Your veterinarian at Ocean Animal Hospital in Cape Canaveral, Florida will make recommendations based on your cat's age and health. 


Most cats stay reasonably clean and rarely need a bath, but you can brush or comb your cat on a regular basis. Frequent brushing helps keep your cat's coat clean, eliminates shedding, and reduces the occurrence of hairballs.

Litter Box

All indoor cats need a litter box to be located in a quiet, accessible location, and to promote healthy litter box habits, you need to keep the litter boxes clean. This could mean scooping more than once a day. Daily cleaning can also help you spot any changes in your cat's urine or stool that may suggest a health problem.


Having something special for your cat to scratch will not only help avoid harm to your furniture but will also help your cat stretch its muscles and keep its claws in top shape. Daily scratching on the right surface, such as a carpet, sisal, or cardboard, helps to strip old layers from your cat's paws.


It is often advised to buy high-quality, brand-name kittens or cat food. Your veterinarian will be able to help you decide the best possible diet. Factors such as age, activity, and health make a difference in when and how much a cat can eat.

Since the symptoms of disease in cats can be so subtle, some of these changes can even be ignored by the most clever owner. That’s why is highly necessary to bring your cat to your veterinarian. We are here to help our feline furry patients age gracefully, happily, and safely by providing extensive cat care services.

Ocean Animal Hospital is here to help you and your cat through every life stage. Please contact us if you want to schedule a checkup for your cat, or have any questions about your cat’s healthcare.