Digital Radiology for dogs in Cape Canaveral

When your pet falls ill, often Digital Radiology (Or Digital X-Rays) can be an important tool in diagnosing the issue more quickly. Digital radiography refers to the digital radiographic image that doesn’t use film, this kind of technology offers several advantages over traditional radiography, like improved imaging latitude, fewer retakes, image quality, and improved patient care.

With some diseases that your pet can suffer from, much of the damage takes place internally, where neither you nor your veterinarian at Ocean Animal Hospital can see it. That’s why using digital x-rays to determine your pet’s health is so important, plus Digital Radiology  is safer for your pet overall.

Digital X-Rays vs. Traditional Film X-Rays

The principal difference between digital radiography and traditional radiography is the use of film, the quality of images, and the exposure of radiation to your pet, which are very important things to consider.

Different from traditional film radiography, digital radiography converts the X-Rays into a Digital Image for easy storage along with many other benefits, such as quality and security. X-Ray processes usually take time and require the pet to stay still when they’re already feeling uncomfortable, in a situation like that your dog or cat can feel extra stressed, besides if your pet moves while the X-Rays are being taken, the resulting image can be of very poor quality and may need to be retaken. 

Another essential fact about Digital Radiography is how the process will expose your pet to less radiation than Film X-Rays, since with Digital Radiology exposure is nearly non-existent. Digital X-Rays make it possible to see the problem that is causing pain or distress to your pet with higher clarity. This technology helps veterinarians with faster imagining so treatment can be much faster as they review the images and develop a treatment plan.

Benefits of digital radiography.

Instant Access to the Pet's Results

Getting the best X-Ray picture is essential for quality viewing and diagnosis of your pet, and so much better if the process is fast so that the veterinary specialist can diagnose it as soon as possible. Digital Radiography eliminates the need for retakes that cause frustration and waste time. 

Better Resolution

Thanks to recent developments in modern technology, Digital Radiology has higher contrast resolution that allows us to see both soft tissue and bone detail in a single image. Ocean Animal Hospital works hard to always give every pet the best treatment and care from our staff with the most safe and effective solutions available.


Images made with Digital Radiology for dogs, are stored as computer files for quick and easy viewing, therefore they can be emailed to clients or specialists for convenient viewing, making Digital Radiology  very friendly to the environment. You don’t need to trouble yourself trying to store large film printouts of the X-Rays, instead, you can easily back them up through the internet or using a USB.

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